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It's A Girl Theme
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Pacifier Theme
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NOTE: Photos can sometimes mislead the size of an item. PLEASE look at the dimensions on each item before ordering. There are NO refunds on baby shower items. We go to great lengths to make sure there are plenty of photos for each item so you can get an idea of the true size and color.


wicker baby buggy

Large Wicker Buggy
Item No. 1240
3 Colors

wire baby buggy

12" Lacy Wire Baby Carriage
Item No. 1006

wicker baby bassinet

11" Wicker Baby Bassinet
Item No. 1011
4 Colors

Wire Stork Table Centerpiece
Item No. 1120-1122
4 Sizes

9" Wicker Baby Bassinet
Item No. 1322-1325
4 Colors

Abacus Bassinet
Item No. 1259

Large Pink & Blue Baby Blocks
Item No. 1091

Pink & Blue 22" Tissue Parasol
Item No. 1307

baby shower decorations

Sweet Safari Girl Baby Shower Decorative Swirls
Item No. 1114

Pink & Blue Tissue
Pacifier Decorations

Item No. 1180
Pack of 3

7" pink/blue umbrella's
Item No. 1148-1149
6 per pack

Pink/Blue Party Deco Lights
Item No. 1142-1143

it's a girl hersheys kisses

Baby Carriage Pinata
Item No. 1097

Baby Shower Decorating Kit
Item No. 1237

Pink & Blue Decorating Kit
Item No. 1238

It's a Girl/Boy Foil Banner
Item No. 1218-19

"Mom to Be" Polka Dot Sash
Item No. 1173

"Grandma to Be" Polka Dot Sash
Item No. 1228

Footprints Sash for Mom or Grandma
Item No. 1051 - 1052

Favorite Aunt Purple Sash
Item No. 1308

Purple "Mom to Be" Heart Sash
Item No. 1236

Purple "Grandma to Be" Heart Sash
Item No. 1235

Baby Shower Pennant
Item No. 1079

Baby Shower Sign
Item No. 1080

Stork Centerpiece
Item No. 1140

Stork Express Centerpiece
Item No. 1072

baby shower flowers

Pink Mini Rose Buds
Item No. 1336

baby shower flowers

Lavender Mini Rose Buds
Item No. 1337

baby shower flowers

Light Blue Mini Rose Buds
Item No. 1338

RETURN POLICY: Unless an item is damaged during shipment, there are NO returns on baby shower items. Unfortunately in the past, we've had people purchasing items, using them, then trying to return them. We go to great lengths to give you enough photos of what the item looks like, length, height, weight and color. PLEASE make sure you look at these dimensions BEFORE ordering. Photos can mislead the size of an item. If an item is damaged in shipment, you must notify us immediately and items must be returned at your cost.

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