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baby shower games
Baby Shower Game

Item No. 1280
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Baby Shower Game
Baby Shower Game - Baby Stuff

This is a great baby shower game for all ages! Give each guest a sheet and they have to find baby stuff with all the letters of the alphabet.

A - Adorable
B - Bottle
C - Crib
D - Diapers

The first guest to complete, wins a prize! You can also change the game and list baby names instead of items.

Baby Shower Game
Game includes 50 sheets.

RETURN POLICY: Unless an item is damaged during shipment, there are NO returns on baby shower items. Unfortunately in the past, we've had people purchasing items, using them, then trying to return them. We go to great lengths to give you enough photos of what the item looks like, length, height, weight and color. PLEASE make sure you look at these dimensions BEFORE ordering. Photos can mislead the size of an item. If an item is damaged in shipment, you must notify us immediately and items must be returned at your cost.

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