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We are open from 10 am to 6pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday at 352 ** 481 ** 0005. Please don't call after that as phones are transferred to my home for emergency purposes. I'm not very nice when you wake me up at 2am to ask baby shower questions!

We don't mind if you call to ask questions regarding baby shower items, however, since we now have over 400 baby shower items, please have your "Item number" ready. We have 17 different types of "buggies" and "baskets". We can't read minds and we don't want to ship you the wrong item. Item numbers are listed on each page beside the price of the item.

Orders may also be picked up in Hawthorne, Florida (Monday through Friday). Please give us at least 2 days notice that you are coming and what items you will want. If you are paying by credit card, this must be processed 2 days before you arrive. You may also bring "exact" cash to pay for your order. We do not have cash at the warehouse, and can not provide change.

See below if you have shipping questions.



Unfortunately with the price of gas going up, so is shipping. Most shipping companies have now gone to what is called "dimentional shipping" --- meaning, it doesn't matter how much a box weighs, it matter how big the box is. For instance, the 24" wire storks we sell only weigh 1 pound, but because they have to be put in a 25" high box, the cost of this is around the $35 range. They don't care about the weight, only that the box is taking up 25" in the back of the truck/plane.

A while back I decided to take the "shopping cart" off the website because there just seemed no fair way to make the system account for shipping. Since we have over 400 items, there was no way to figure what size box the items you ordered was going to be put in. So we took the shopping cart off to save our customers money. If I had left it on, I would have had to "guess" how much your shipping would be and charge you WAY more than the actual cost. I'm sure some of you have been to websites and ordered stuff and cringed when you got to the part where they added on shipping....this is why....they usually guess......high! (and PS..... for those sites that claim "free shipping"... get real! They've jacked up the price to account for that.... no one is in business to lose money or give you free stuff.... so don't be fooled by that!)

We charge you exactly what UPS charges us after the box has been measured and weighed for your state. We ALWAYS check to see if priority mail shipping (for small items) is cheaper than UPS. We always try to send items the least expensive way. We will always put a full detailed receipt in your box. If you have any questions regarding your shipment, please do not hesitate to call us.


RETURN POLICY: Unless an item is damaged during shipment, there are NO returns on baby shower items. Unfortunately in the past, we've had people purchasing items, using them, then trying to return them. We go to great lengths to give you enough photos of what the item looks like, length, height, weight and color. PLEASE make sure you look at these dimensions BEFORE ordering. Photos can mislead the size of an item. If an item is damaged in shipment, you must notify us immediately and items must be returned at your cost.

The Perfect Baby Shower is owned and operated by Kat's Gourmet Gift Baskets in Melrose, Florida.






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