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wire baby carriage
Large & Small Wire Baby Carriage

Item No. 1006 - 11" Wire Carriage
Status: In Stock
Price: White: $15.95 ea
Plus Shipping (See below)


Item No. 1007 - 15" Wire Carriage
Status: In Stock
Price: $24.95 ea
Plus Shipping (See below)


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11" White Carriages:

Please call to order 15" carriages.


Note, these are ONLY estimates. We charge you exactly what
UPS charges us. Shipping charges may change depending on
the combination of items you order. West Coast customers on
high end of range

11 Inch Carriages:

1 Carriage - $12.95(Priority Mail)
2 Carriages - $16.00-$24.00 (UPS)
3-4 Carriages - $24.00-$38.00
5-6 Carriages - $40.00-$62.00
7-8 Carriages- $62.00-$90.00
9-12 Carriages - $90.00-$120.00

15 Inch Carriages: (Considered Oversized Box by UPS)

1 Carriage - $20-$32
2 Carriages - $32-$45

Note: These are only estimates. May vary depending on your zip code. Please note we make NO money off shipping. We only charge you what UPS charges us. West coast customers at higher end. Shipping to downtown businesses can save $3-$5 per box (UPS only).

baby shower table decoration

These lacy wire baby carriages are perfect for party gift favors, for table decorations, or even put flowers in them for table centerpieces. You can't buy them in any stores, so you'll be the hit of any baby shower or christening!

The small carriage is approximately 11.5" tall, 8" long, and 6.5" wide
The large carriage is approximately 15" tall, 11" long, and 9" wide.

wire baby carriage wire baby carriage

The large carriage is approximately 15" tall, 12" long, and 9" wide.

wire baby carriage wire baby carriage

The small carriage is approximately 11.5" tall, 8" long, and 6.5" wide

baby shower decoration
The Carriage is perfect for flower centerpieces (11" shown)

wire baby carriage
The 15" carriage is perfect for gifts or small (up to 10" ) baby

baby shower table decoration

baby shower table decoration
Carriage shown with 5" mini buggy - Item 1275 - Click here to see

***Note: Not to put baby in.

Click here to see how some of our customers decorated their wire baby carriages




RETURN POLICY: Unless an item is damaged during shipment, there are NO returns on baby shower items. Unfortunately in the past, we've had people purchasing items, using them, then trying to return them. We go to great lengths to give you enough photos of what the item looks like, length, height, weight and color. PLEASE make sure you look at these dimensions BEFORE ordering. Photos can mislead the size of an item. If an item is damaged in shipment, you must notify us immediately and items must be returned at your cost.

The Perfect Baby Shower is owned and operated by Kat's Gourmet Gift Baskets


mini wire baby Carriage

4" Mini Lacy Wire Baby Carriage
Item No. 1275

small wicker baby Carriage

Small Wicker Baby Carriage
Item No. 1001

mini wire baby Carriage

3" Mini Wire Baby Carriage
Item No. 1005

wicker baby Carriage

Large Wicker Carriage
Item No. 1240

wicker baby bassinet

Willow Bassinet with Handles
Item No. 1028 - 1029
2 sizes

wire stork

Wire Stork Table Centerpiece
Item No. 1120-1122
3 Sizes

wicker baby bassinet

Ratan Wicker Bassinets
Item No. 1008-1010
3 Sizes

wicker baby Carriage

Abacus Bassinets
6 Sizes

baby shower table decorations

Wicker Baby Stroller
Item No. 1020-1023